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The medication you take is a decision that should be made by you and your health care provider. HFM encourages you to consult your physician when considering any changes.
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Ask a representative

Chances are if you’ve attended an HFM event, you have met one or more of the representatives for the pharmaceutical companies that make the factor product that you or a family member use to treat your bleeding disorder. You may have also received mailings with product information, or have seen one of their advertisements in our chapter newsletter. These representatives are always willing to provide information about their products, and you are free to ask for and discuss that information.

See FDA-approved therapies to treat bleeding disorders: CLICK HERE

Beth Plummer
Phone: 240-882-2095

Jessica Flynn
Phone: 202-550-5183

Jennifer Moreland
Phone: 443-995-7661

Monica Rogers
Account and Community
Phone: 301-523-3276

David Hill
1940 Gilpin Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19806
Phone: 302-354-0114

Alex Lightbourne
Regional Account Manager
4441 Springdale Road
Louisville, KY. 40241

Dan Bull
Phone: 240-285-3948

Paul Brayshaw
Phone: 571-230-0126

Linda Pollhammer
Phone: 302-258-5985

Carrie Koenig
Phone: 667-500-4326

Lesley Milliner
3737 Market Street, Suite 1300
Philadephia, PA 1 9104
Phone: 469-720-9063

Jan Martin
Phone: 440-514-8117

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