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Upcoming CareFirst Formulary Updates and Medications Added to Prior Authorization List

Carefirst has issued a Medical Preferred Drug Strategy Update effective August 1, 2024.  Below is a summary of the factor agents affected. 

What this means for affected patients:

  • If a patient is taking a non-preferred medication, they can continue to take that medication until the current prior authorization expires. 
  • If a patient needs to continue medication therapy with the non-preferred medication, their doctor can submit a new prior authorization upon the expiration date of the current prior authorization. 
  • The new prior authorization may result in an approval for an alternative, preferred medication, which is as clinically effective and safe as the non-preferred medication.
  • If their doctor believes the non-preferred medication must be continued, their doctor can submit information within the new prior authorization request to obtain a medical necessity exception.

To learn more, click here. 

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